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Kay Zekany, Ph.D.

Accounting Professor & Christian Author

Windows Into Heaven

At ST. Mary

Byzantine Catholic Church

This book provides a glimpse of Heaven through the lens of the beautiful Byzantine Icons adorning the interior of St. Mary Byzantine Catholic Church in Marblehead, Ohio.  These 30 icons - and their stories - will uplift your heart, mind and soul while teaching Christ’s lessons in color, line and form.  Iconography is an ancient Christian tradition handed down through the generations which provides a visual writing of our faith.  Writing in the form of imagery was important in the development of early Christianity because a large portion of the population was illiterate.  Hence, the best way to ensure that all could come to know the depth and richness of Christianity was through images: icons.  Now, even though our society if literate, the need for the imagery is just as important to move us in ways that words alone can never do, if we learn to read this visual language.  This book explains the visual cues unique to iconography which enable readers to perceive the meanings of each.

This book was written to pay tribute to the author’s father, who was a member of the church and builder of its structure.

All profits from this book are donated to the church.